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One I wished I hadn't missed out on.
For posterity, I wanted to add my new boots to this thread. You can find more in the Carmina thread.
I provided some additional details in the shell thread. To answer the question above, they are Rain last. They have a double sole and are "darkened" burgundy. I am not exactly sure what that means - I just described what I wanted and Betty Abaladejo said they could darken the boots. The color is exactly what I was asking for. Hopefully these pictures are better than yesterday's. Chaps, thanks for all the nice comments both here and IG.
10 weeks ago, I was walking around Montreal with my son (he will be attending McGill this fall). I had left my Swims home and had only one pair of boots with me-- the Carmina 973 Plain Cap boot that I picked up from Steve at I realized the Carmina Shell Boots were a real treat and did a great job in the snow and ice. I am not as fond of the Dainite as most folks here at SF. I think Dainite is way over-rated, but that's just my opinion. Anyway,... This is a link to my post in the Carmina thread.
When I got home tonight from traveling all week, these were waiting for me. They are an MTO that I did about 8 weeks ago. I was with my son in Montreal and decided I needed a pair of shell cordovan bal boots. Betty Albaladejo and Carmina took care of the rest. The photos are from my iPhone. I will try to load better ones later.
So only artists are qualified to comment on art? Hmmm. Everyone in this forum has enough knowledge to comment on what they like. You don't like the responses. I want to live in your world. A world where I get to tell people that my opinion is "fact" and theirs is ignorance. I am sure there is a scientific aspect to shoemaking, it is just not clear if you are acquainted with it. No one calls you on your bully behavior, but you engage in it all the time. You posted the...
Save your bully tactics and misuse of Mr. Asimov for someone who thinks you know what you are talking about. The shoes are ugly. That I can judge. If a shoe is supposed to provide a flattering look to the wearer, these are an epic fail. If they are supposed to give you visions of Charlie Brown hanging out all night in a pumpkin patch, they are a wild success. They may fit perfectly, but they are only useful as doorstops.
Excellent points. I will go look up those words and you should go read one of the great works by Hans Christian Anderson.I should have known that the person your student was making shoes for had cloven hoofs for feet. It all makes sense now.The shoes are ugly. Look at the two images I reposted, I can't imagine anyone wanting to look down at such things. You are free to like them. You are entitled to your opinion.
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