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Ugh, why did I ever sell mine Such a beautiful boot!
Thanks zippyh, the orange looks like it gets pretty red with time.
What's up guys? Is teak cordovan the same as orange cordovan? If not, does anyone have worn shots of the orange cordovan? I'm wondering how it will darken up over time.
Measurements? Shoulder-shoulder pit-pit sleeves Thanks
Are those the dark tan calf longwings from epaulet?
Besides a horsehair brush and shoe trees, what is a must buy for my new color 8 975?
Does anyone here own the dark tan calfskin longwings from epaulet? Curious if they are the same as the ones at J Crew, and I also just want to see some photos of them being worn
Thanks. Admittedly, I'm only just getting into quality menswear and this is sort of my first sports coat Hopefully I can get away with wearing it a ton as a staple in my wardrobe, without damaging it.
12. doesn't have a price. Does that mean it's not available anymore?
Ugh, I'm having buyer's remorse over my Luigi Bianchi Mantova pique sportcoat purchase. Anyone who has one, is it worth it?
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