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Hey guys, any idea what size the model is wearing for those field jackets, and perhaps his stats?
Yes, barrie last.
Alright yeah, I just mean for light rain. Most of my walking is done underground in the subways to and from work, so rain exposure is minimal anyway. I'd just rather throw topys on my shoes rather than trying to get them completely re-soled on commando or dainite.
Are leather soles in the rain really an issue if you're rotating your shoes and giving them adequate time to dry before wearing again?
Yeah, only a couple wears according to the seller. Fffff I like the storm parka so much. But duffle is more versatile.
Yeah, I'm sort of an indigo head, so I wear a lot of denim and....indigo. The Parka is navy so I'm worried it might be too much.
I can't decide which is more practical/sexy/versatile for fall/winter in one of, if not the snowiest metropolitan city in the world. I mostly wear shirt/tie/sport coat every day for work, so something I can wear over that, but I also want to wear it casually with denim on my days off. Nigel Cabourn Storm Parka or ToJ Duffle
Size and/or measurements?
Cool, never even got a reply to my PM.
You just gotta buy a measuring tape and get to it, or measure a pair of your best fitting trousers. The Rudy measurements are on the MTO page.edit: wow, shell cordovan tennis shoes....i didn't think i'd see the day.
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