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Are these still available?
price drops
These have been worn maybe 10 times. They have not been washed yet. Fades are pretty much non existent so far. $75 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority. Buyer pays 4% paypal fees or send as personal payment. Details from Left Field NYC's website: "Our Greaser Jean has a straight leg with a slight taper and medium-high rise, similar to ‘50s-style dungarees. Details: Unwashed, 100% cotton Cone Mills White Oak Plant red-line selvedge duck canvas. American-made Scovill tack...
Just got my pair of Quoddy for South Willard brown cxl bluchers. OMG these are so comfortable, especially with no socks.
Anybody know if the brown J Crew bluchers are lined or unlined? edit: nevermind it says "glove leather lining and footbed" im dumb
Bought these a few months ago, decided they aren't my style. Great Indy boots in Alden's brown chromexcel. Not a lot of wear in them. You can see the heels/soles still have plenty of life left. One of the original laces broke, so I switched them out for dark hiking boot laces. Comes with original box and shoe bags. Asking $260 shipped.
Just ordered a pair of bluchers in Natural Chromexcel with the red brick camp soles. Anybody else have pics of something similar? I was torn between those and the basic brown cxl with charcoal soles. Or even these natty cxl w/ white sole from kafka. Also, to confirm I'm not severely incompetent, I saw the pictures above and read through the entire thread. Just wanted to see if anybody else has worn pictures.
I purchased these from a styleforum member who only wore them three times. I then wore them three times and decided they do not fit my feet as well as they should. They are size 8.5E on the Trubalance last, which fits very close to a 9D. Double leather sole. This is Horween's rarest shell offering, and these boots are stunning. They will come with the original Alden box and shoe bags, but no shoe trees. Shipping to USA only, unless you want to compensate me for the...
Thought about grabbing a pair of cigar indys from shoemart, but $742! Holy crap.
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