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An early entry from Canada for the Furriners:
Sometimes I think I should change my handle to retailisland. Thanks in stitches.
X-post from casual thread. [[SPOILER]]
It was a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Some nice stuff in the last 20 or so pages, guys! I made today a BTF: p.s. Thanks to EFV for the tie - your work receives many compliments off-line.
@Kulata Well then I should have given you a vote too.
This was pretty difficult, but my votes go to Claghorn and In Stitches. I think Kulata and AAS both look great, but their ties look like predominantly navy and burgundy backgrounds respectively, which seemed too safe to me. Mind you, I have to admit that to my senses, blue/white striped shirts and solid/predominantly brown ties seem like staple items, so it was just based on the fact that Claghorn specified that they were allowed. I also think that with a different tie...
I like NOBDs outfit, as always, but it raises a question...Does simply moving down on the formality scale (which is obviously where OP was focused when providing examples of items that would be considered "staples") work for this challenge? If not, then wouldn't jeans rank fairly high on the list of staples? Based on the outline provided, I would innately assume that entries should be of the "MC" variety.Also, does the little stuff count? Navy/grey socks, brown/black...
(x-post, challenge)
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