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[[SPOILER]] My first "tweed" suit... actually a faux tweed (actually a cotton suit). I had purchased the trousers earlier this fall and decided to go ahead and try the jacket too. I think the sleeves could be a touch longer, but otherwise not too bad for otr.
I hope that one day there will be a "text post" challenge.
Ditto, I would have given a vote to Crat.
The braces are amazing!
And the Furriners are off to a strong early lead... We're in for an exciting Saturday night folks...
Hey thevillain, since you are looking for feedback, I just have to say that whenever I see a black suit with a color-matched shirt and tie combo, my only thought is that someone with no idea how to dress well walked into a budget menswear shop and said "I need something for grad."
Pliny, nice outfit. I especially like the jacket and the tie... and I have to say that the pose with the outstretched leg is interesting every time.
Down and to the right. An interesting geographical factoid.
A Monty Python reference... I think we can see which way this competition is leaning.
Sure, make fun of Canada. Very original. This is exactly why we remain part of the commonwealth. You're just jealous of our land mass.
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