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For starters everything they make is polyester, viscose, rayon, or some combination thereof. Occassionally there is a wool blend, but firstly the fabric is not what anyone would classify as 'quality'. Secondly, they pander to really trendy looks so you'll likely end up with a suit you can't wear and will regret buying because it's a bad color, it's too shiny, etc. Finally, they try to cater to people who expect to walk away with an OTR suit that looks fully tailored...
Stay away from Mexx.
Quote: Originally Posted by CalTex What do you guys think? Posted via Tapatalk. Once, months back, my wife walked past while I happened to be looking at these pants on the BB site. Now, whenever clothing comes up, she brings up the "pants with dogs on them" to poke fun at me. But one day, when she isn't expecting it, I will come home in emblematic pants!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I like this. Can you tell me more about the tie? Wool? How would you describe the knit - it's much less textured than most of the knit, square-end ties I see.
Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Good thing we don't work in the same place.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ...still a little high maybe? Buttoning point looks good to me. I also like the height of the gorge, and the patch pockets... who makes the jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Are the pants cotton? If so - great fit. As a slim guy I am often frustrated at the tendency of cotton to gather and bunch whenever there is excess material. There is a little of that going on, but they contribute a lot to this clean/relaxed (but still dressed well) look.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcondon17 I love this tie. Where did you get it? Thanks. It gets compliments quite frequently IRL, but folks on SF don't seem to like it very much (albeit, those comments were made in CBD where it would be out of context). I got it for a few dollars from SF member idfnl and it is a cotton/silk blend Land's End tie. Not too sure where you could find one.
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