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I really like this outfit, but when you wear this jacket, the grain/bias of the fabric (indicated by the red lines) always seems strange: [[SPOILER]]
Last day of work for a couple of weeks. Ending it with an obligatory bad Christmas tie. *sigh* Happy Holidays!
The sale comment was a joke, but thanks Mimo.
Nice. Does NMWA ever have 85% off sales?
Personally I just like the texture of the grain more than the shininess of shell, especially for a shoe that I would pair with more casual/rustic fabrics. Also, for myself, I just assume shell will be out of my current price range and I don't even look for it. That said, I appreciate that most here would probably agree with you.
No, not yet. Burgundy longwings, preferable with some grain are on my list. Something like these but even darker brown or burgundy would be ideal: [[SPOILER]]
I'm wearing a POW shirt (just for in stitches).
Mine is a wool LE today too, although I find the knot on this one is okay.
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