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That tie is foul.I made a pun.(I actually really like bird ties, this one included).
UM, the colors and textures make me think of 70's furniture, but in a good way.
Four patterns vs. all solids... which (if either) was in better taste? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Haven't had time to take/upload pictures in forever.
This.It's good that you're trying a higher rise, but this might be a touch too high,and the high cuffs throw it way off - something between this and your previous fits would be ideal. For these pants I'd try wearing them a tiny bit lower and/or lowering the cuff a bit.
The royal blue and the plum? Okay.Not even the navy? A navy solid knit? Really?
Yes! They are so good it's just bonkers.
I like your style, but I think the button stance on this jacket is way off for your body. I acknowledge that I'm judging from still shots, camera angle, etc., but it just looks too high.I'd say those pants look to fit very nicely.
The medium length blade is the 'wakizashi', no? When I turned legal age, the first thing I was employed to purchase for a friend was a Katana sword. The guy proceeded to drop shrooms and wreck it the same night.
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