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That tie is foul.I made a pun.(I actually really like bird ties, this one included).
UM, the colors and textures make me think of 70's furniture, but in a good way.
Four patterns vs. all solids... which (if either) was in better taste? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Haven't had time to take/upload pictures in forever.
This.It's good that you're trying a higher rise, but this might be a touch too high,and the high cuffs throw it way off - something between this and your previous fits would be ideal. For these pants I'd try wearing them a tiny bit lower and/or lowering the cuff a bit.
The royal blue and the plum? Okay.Not even the navy? A navy solid knit? Really?
Yes! They are so good it's just bonkers.
I like your style, but I think the button stance on this jacket is way off for your body. I acknowledge that I'm judging from still shots, camera angle, etc., but it just looks too high.I'd say those pants look to fit very nicely.
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