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Thanks IS. You da man.
You left me out, but its cool - I'm okay with it. Content just to appreciate the thread. Jerk.
Sander and in stitches, that is some sweet, sweet sweetness.
Ah, what the hell. I don't expect many votes, but the thread inspired my tie choice this morning and I had a minute to take a picture...
Looking through this thread, I wonder if the "difficulty of blue on blue" is mainly just a fabrication of SF... there are a lot of examples of it looking great. I was thinking of trying to submit something by the end of the day, but after Pingson there is just no goddamn point. (except that I can't get behind that PS).
You strike me as the kind of fellow who could learn to do many basic alterations fairly quickly.
I like bold and colourful, but all I can think of when I see this is condiments.
Thanks Holdfast. I 100% agree that it should have been a solid shirt. I even knew it as I was getting dressed in the morning, but I didn't act. The bowtie is from It's the "Scottish Plaid - Royal/Green/Red", but it looks like it's currently out of stock.
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