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Picked up a pair of Walnut Carlyles + belt at the Nordstrom sale. Just noticed that the stitching is off for a few stitches on the bottom of the shoe - stitched on the flat of the shoe rather than in the groove. Going to see if I can exchange them. Not sure how big a deal it is, if any, overall but figured it's worth a try. Outside that, they look great.
If you want to work on your pecs, bench more. Maybe throw on some weighted dips and dumb bell bench / incline bench. As for machines, they're fine for simple overloading of primary muscles as you're not going to be using the stabalizer muscles on such lifts. If you want to keep using the machines, I'd certainly consider them for overloading purposes (ie. more weight on there than what you'd be able to bench). Then again, you could always overload with a slingshot or...
What are your goals regarding lifting? For the common look-good-naked goals, once a week may well be fine. Once a week is common for body builders to have a day to dedicate to a section of the body while the rest of the body recovers. There are also routines out there that allow a combination of some aesthetics and strength. You could even tweak routines like Starting Strength or Stronglifts to include missing lifts as they're basic beginner strength routines focused...
I've found that two things have helped my patellar tendonitis; running a bit and taking glucosamine. Had tendonitis since high school and finally got it diagnosed at about 24. Not sure which of the two is truly what's improving things but I'd stopped both along with playing volleyball as the pain was too much. Turns out that didn't really help things any and my knee pain just ended up getting worse. I ended up going back to taking glucosamine and started jogging a bit...
Yup, a navy monk has been on my buy soon list for a while.
I've not delved that far into thought on it just yet. I'll have to give it a bit of brain time tomorrow.
Methinks we need a navy monkstrap GMTO going. My gray slacks would be most appreciative.
Burgundy and blue. Now we're onto to something. Though I really want a nice pair of single-strap monks in blue.
That's a disappointment. I'd rather save the money. I suppose I'll have to think about that one given I've been planning for a pair of Vass shoes in the near future.
My wife was already on me last night about that. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though there are a number of institutions working to stabalize that drop.
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