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All this talk of Audi is making me miss my 2001 S4. Great car. Expensive to keep up. 200k miles of good times.
The cows are east of the 5 so you'll always be closest to them on the 5 northbound. That said, you'll still smell them southbound as the southbound lanes are only a small grass/dirt median away.The 101 is not a bad drive but in all honesty, I'm normally fine with the 5 as it gets us to and from faster. With having to stop for the kids, making up time on the 5 helps out. That said, I do love it when I can actually stop in Paso Robles and get some wine tasting in. ...
It's a solid Thai restaurant. My wife still loves going to Krua Thai a bit more but this place was definitely nice and closer to home for us.
There are plenty of jeans that last that long. I've got 12+ year old jeans that are still fine if a bit too large on me these days.
From the basin it's merely a drive up the 2.
You may as well enjoy them if you've got occasions where wearing torn jeans is fine (and it doesn't bother you).
And local to me. I'm not going to complain (assuming they open a retail location)
Crap, let me tally up. 336 this year thus far. 336 + 7308=7644.
Most of those listed will bring up the same suits (Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Joseph Aboud, and a few other names), so the only real thing you're going to be doing is shopping for a particular style you like and hope it comes in at a good price. Occasionaly, Nordstrom Rack has something special, like an Armani or Zegna suit at a really good price. It's not too common at the stores I've checked and they don't seem to have them very often, but the possibility...
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