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My wife was already on me last night about that. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though there are a number of institutions working to stabalize that drop.
Going to pass on that one. If I go Vass, it will most likely end up MTO so I can get something specific.
Ascot Shoes has been pouring it on with the Vass shoes recently. They've added a large quantity of various Vass cognac colors in.How was the MTO process with Ascot? I originally found them through their Ebay listings but have been keeping an eye on their website as well. I'm assuming the ~$800 range is with VAT removed? That's really not too bad and leaves me money for a belt.
Ahhh, good point. In that case, I agree with your assessment.
Indeed. A reddish brown tone is definitely more versatile to my eye. These threads are always fun. You might often end up with more questions than answers
The patina link on the site has pictures of most of the colors.
Ahh, Vass oxblood. That's a fantastic color. That EG Dark Oak has a reddish tint to it, at least to my eye. It's definitely a nice color.
Thanks for all the added replies, gents. I'll try and tackle multiple comments. Vass and Bonafe are pretty high on the list. I'd still need to research fit a bit more to nail down what to get if I go that route. I'm in LA and so can always make the drive to San Diego and try out a few things there. I've already tried out a couple pair of John Lobb that were fantastic. I certainly wouldn't mind trying on some more shoes in the near future. Pity the wife killed the...
You know, I'd mostly forgotten about Alden given their burgundy is typically pretty limited to a few models and some shell #8. I'll need to rethink that. Meanwhile I'm also eyeing the Paul Evans oxblood shoes. It's a bit more on the red hue but the cap toes could work. Also considering some Vass options as he seems to have burgundy, bordeaux, oxblood, and red cognac which all are still in the family while offering up some nice variances. Made To Order Paris has a...
Personal preference, really. My collection of gray/navy slacks, to my eye, look better with burgundy than brown. Brown is rather low on my interest scale. Were I dressing in more earthen tones, I'd likely consider brown a bit more heavily. Chukkas are in the mix and, depending on pricing, might end up in this purchase as well. I've tried on a pair of Lobb Highgates that I really had a difficult time taking off and leaving at the store. Self preservation eventually...
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