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Upppppp, price drop. Now 210 $ SHIPPED within canada/us if buy before december 31
Common projects Achilles low white. Size 42. Condition is 9.99/10. I wore this outside for two hours. I found that it will not suit my current style. Selling for 240 $ shipped. Now 210 $ SHIPPED, only if buy before December 31!! , within North america
hello i am in the process of purchasing a suit. I have a sizing question. Is the size for the suit, for example if u say u are size 40. does that mean that ur chest circumference is approx 40 inches? and also what does 40R, 40S, supposed to mean? thx
sold plz close this
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...0039&rd=1&rd=1 CHEAP BIN !!
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