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Do Kiton shoes fit true to size or larger?
I had the opportunity to have been in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. Somehow I managed to acquire immunity, and visited the prison, S-21, where the acts now infamous were taking place. I visited several times.
When you purchase Silvano Lattanzi shoes at Louis Boston they give you Kiwi shoe polish with a Lattanzi label affixed.
Dear members, If any of you have recommendations for a quality tailor for suit/tuxedo alterations in the Bay Area then please post something. Thanks.
Quote: Quote: (Alexander Kabbaz @ Mar. 14 2005,18:40) They are not called frog buttons. They are called frogs. There is a certain olde (english?) style which is shaped somewhat like a frog's splayed feet. They are considered more of a sewing notion than a button. Look for them in trimming stores. Good tailoring suppliers also have them. Common on capes of old too.  Remember Peck & Peck? I own one that I wore to the...
I've had conversations with Salvador Dali at Studio 54. Among others.
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