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[[SPOILER]] What are the boots? Look Alden but curious what type and where from?
Best: Thom Browne OCBD Epaulet Shirt and Canvas Rivet Chino Michael Bastian Shaggy Shetland Gant Rugger S/S jacket. N&F Weird Guys - bit roomier fit that I can switch in for my now faded APCs. Worst: Gant Rugger OCBD (learning experience for impulse buying with online sales - especially with brand with inconsistent sizing) Two Lands End Canvas shirts for like $12 each - will just never fit well, even with tailoring. After this, was finally able to kick any urges I had to...
I'm looking into getting a sleeker brown captoe or suede boot that would work with both a suit or jeans - I want something less chunky than the Indy. Considering Aldens, my understanding is that I should look for a boot on a Leydon or Grant last (maybe Barrie?). Any thoughts on which boot and where I could find some? Stopped by Leffot but didn't have anything to my taste in store at the time.
Curious about this too. Been eyeing one for a while.
This is awesome.
Great corner for a lifestyle shot [0]Like everything except the shoes.
Odin carries Our Legacy still.
Living in NY, Clarks are ubiquitous - I didn't like it when I had mine on and had to walk by 20+ guys wearing some sort of cheap chukka similar to them. That being said, it's raining so I'm about to go put on APCs, brown Clarks, and a Uniqlo sweater. Plebe status.
I have the Epaulet Thorogood - good weather/work boot. Definitely bulky silhouette. Great for F/W though.
Been looking for a sleeker boot for F/W and these in B&S look amazing. I think they'd fit (I wear a 9 in Clarks but they give me a little room, 9 in most dress shoes, 10 in sneaker), but wanted to get a second opinion on any experience with these boots or sizing. They're the "Paul Smith Kid Suede" in U.S. 9/UK 7.5 Thoughts?
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