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giving this place a shot because of the shout out here. thanks!
style forum.
i did the montana holiday walk tonight. really really looked forward to checking out the store. you guys were closed! ugh! next year?
UNIS on sale 25% off online and in store November 20th. (only) Not just pants but everything.
what are the models and the colors of the meermin shoes posted in this thread?
^ what he said... btw, the gio's are a really nice balance of slim but not skinny. i had to size up.
the unis are on sale for half off. i purchased another pair today in the los angeles store. you can also buy them on their website.
bought these today in the santa monica store: i'm 6-2 with long azz legs and a larger ass. unis are the ish! construction is top notch and they feel more like "pants' instead of chinos. slim but not skinny. a really nice tapered look. and btw, they are on sale for $118.00. run. don't walk!
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