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Not sure if this is cool to post: I'm selling a pair of Newport shorts, size 30 for 9.99 on ebay. Also an Upland shirt, m, same price.
Looks like Barney's has it. The only piece so far on their site.
Looks like Barney's has it. The only piece so far on their site.
Odin got there first shipment in. Good choices as always!
good work! My wish-list is growing!I might have to get another mountain parka this year! The olive one looks to have just the right color on some of those pictures. I like it better than last winters with all those extra bottoms. Very Classic!Olive corduroy looks awesome. Wonder if it will come in other styles than the Landsdown.Thinking about the Miner shirt. Might be a way to allow myself to ad another Chambray shirt to the collection.Some of the plaids look great too....
I think it's historical. That's just what I like about EG. There are references everywhere and just done right. Lot of references to the twenties and thirties, the great area of menswear!
favorite combo from this season!
No EG at Barneys this season! Well... their selection wasn't that great recently anyway, but it still sucks.
Best FW 11: Engineered Garments Bull denim Bedford WWM Hoover pants ( they did fit a bit funny at first, but after washing them, they are easy my favorite pants this season) Uniqlo Mountain parka ( cleanest design, functional, no branding and dirt cheap- 100 on sale)
They fit similar than last summer: I would call it fitted. They fit me right on. I'm always afreight they might shrink in the laundry so I'm carefull: it happened to some of my WWM and older EG shirts, that are a bit too tight now.The fabric on my new workshirt is awesome. Indigo denim, lightweight, a little soft, perfect for spring and summer. The dark color brings out the stitching details real nice, plus some red accents. very classic and basic.I think I will start...
New Posts  All Forums: