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Try not to over think it. Fill your tub with hot water, turn them inside out, let them soak for 30, and hang dry afterwards. It'll all be okay.
Before you do, you might want to watch this video:
These are a steal! If only these were in my size, I'd be throwing my money at you right now. Best of luck.
I have these too and love 'em. True, the ankle support of other boots just isn't there, but otherwise they are super comfy and definitely do the job in rain/snow/whatever.
I emailed Christian at the beginning of September, asking if they would restock the duck chinos, and this was his response:So expect them to pop back up on their store in more sizes soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake
Interested in: MTO02. Ravello Cap Toe Boot Details: Barrie last, flex or double waterlock sole, full eyelets, antique sole edging
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG Sounds like a 9D to me. Trubalance is already wide. BTW, I'm in Blacksburg the next couple days. Had no idea there were SFers in this town. Word, I was thinking more along the lines of Barrie. It's funny, I spotted a guy from Blacksburg on the Epaulet thread a while ago and was equally shocked. I PMed him and it turned out he had recently graduated and moved away, but he gave me a run down of some...
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