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Personally not too bad! -pants length could be shorter. -Sleeve can be narrower, but if you wear french cuffs, let it be. Where have you bought this?
They are french shoes, you can find them on their website: http://www.bowen.fr/website/Page-d-accueil,12589785.html Most of them are on SALES. Happy shopping!
If anybody knows that their suits are full or half canvas?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pendulum Is the quality of the label the worst thing you can see in that pic? The buttons aren't even aligned. http://cdn.is.bluefly.com/mgen/Bluef...ty=700&level=1 From this image you think the buttons are aligned? It s just angle effect. Another thing Twill =/= Stripes. Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twill
Si tu cherche le moins cher faut pas aller a Savile Row,
C po plus confortable ke mon slip Sloggy
Gym Club Memebr Card Debit Cards Credit Card Massage Card ID Home Door Card BILLS
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e I'm planning a trip to Paris. What shops, restaurants and hotels (good, moderately priced) would you recommend? i'm specifically looking for some nice shirts (similar to Charvet in quality but more moderate in terms Of pricing) and French scarfs which I can wear with my jackets. Thanks in advance. For shopping u have Av Montaigne, Rue Faubourg St Honore for the luxuries brands such as Hermes, LV,...
Val D'Europe Outlet you can take RER A to Val D'Europe
C'est de la MERDE
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