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These are water buffalo in sienna color.
^There is also SD in swing last.
SJ is a lot more bulky and squarish. SD is of a more sleek profile. I have no actual fit and feel experience on the SJ, though. Bounty hunter is a SJ on SD last.
Semi dress is standard on the SD model. SJ/Farmer rancher is standard on the Smokejumper model.
And they will become more and more comfortable as they mould to your feet.
Block heel look better with single leather sole (makes it lower). Personally I think it goes better with swing last too. The block heel as well as the cuban can be made 1/4" lower in request.
Rough-out. Its not suede.
Shia Labeouf - movie Lawless. I could have sworn hes got duotone SDs on!
The RW oxfords look like shoes for retarded people.
It is hard to tell what leather it is. Could be brown horsehide. It is not the lowered heel but the standard cuban one. I would say its the vibram 700 and standard trim.
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