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Anybody noticed if Modern Tailor has changed the fabric that's on sales now? I could swear the fabric on sale a few days ago is different from what's on the website now.
Modern Tailor is now running a big sales. I want to buy a few more shirts but want to make sure I'm buying good fabrics. Can we post our recommendation of the fabric to buy on this sales? Here is my personal recommendation base on my own experience: P20 White and Blue checks 100s 2ply P129 Blue and White Stripes 200s 2ply P122 France Blue and White Stripes 80s 2ply 270301 Black and White Checks 80s 2ply
here is a link that'll show pictures of a bunch of shirts with Italian collar
if you have a picture or specification of how you would want to modify the collar, you should be able to contact them and have them custom made the collar for you to your specification. You can even ask them to put that up on their future collar selection if you so desired. They did this for another sf member a few months back.
Quote: Originally Posted by daruma are you only going to those countries? if you can go to the philippines, i recommend bbaquirans tailor jr. very very good. ive got suits from chan and jrs suit while not better, are just as good. full canvassed, complete bespoke, he charged me $400 (i sent him my fabric) + shipping. u just have to be very very specific when it comes to telling him what uw ant I've lived in Manila for a few years in the...
Just curious, I think in general it's much more difficult for people to find shirts that fits than to find pants that fits? It's much easier to get pants altered so it would fit nicely as well. Aside from potentially saving money, is there really a particular reason why people want to buy MTM pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrigglez ah cool, yeah a PO. Box is a post office box, like having your post box at the actual post office. i was thinkng that because it was a courier they may not drop off at the post office. we will find out soon enough i guess If you use fedex/ups/dhl, I don't believe they deliver to a PO BOX? Just wondering, the number of days it takes to deliver the shirts would depend on what country you're located and what...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Flaring pockets is a sign of bad fit, regardless of style. I think he flaring pockets may be caused by the incorrect cropping of the picture using photoshop instead of the bad fit or tailoring of the pants.
Isn't silk fabric for shirt a horrible choice for summer?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Jantzen, Nialma, Moderntailor, Mytailor, Tailor Store. There are many different MTM companies out there. All of them have different price point, design, style, delivery time and quality. Not everybody are willing to pay $150 for a shirts no matter how nice the quality of the fabric is. Certainly not everybody has the patience and is willing to wait for 2 months for a shirt even if the shirt only cost $30...
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