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Hi voxsartoria, Thanks! I'm 5'10", and usually about 170 pounds. 38R, usually a 33" waist. I've never heard of the linked buttons. What's the history here? I'm going to a place outside of Baltimore that mainly makes suits for other companies, but does some work directly for the public. A fellow SFer recommended the tailor. -Greg
Hi everyone! So, tomorrow I plan on going to the tailor and getting measured for a MTM tuxedo. I'm planning on going classic. Here's the description of what I want so far, assembled from the forums and http://blacktieguide.com/. HTML Code: Jacket \tsingle breasted \tpeak lapel \tone button \tno vents \tfabric: barathea, 10-11 ounce \tshowing shirt cuff \tlapels \t\tsilk grosgrain \t\tbuttonhole with stem holder \tpockets \t\tdouble-besomed jetted (slit)...
Wait, are you guys talking about the vest showing at the top or at the bottom when the jacket is closed? I would assume that, as with white tie, the vest should not peek out below the jacket. As for showing above, I am less sure, but would have assumed that you'd want to show it off at least a little bit. I could just be used to seeing the horrid prom-style high-cut brightly colored vests though.
Wow, you guys are as weird as I am. A whole discussion about which way to put on a belt - I love it. Oh, and I always assumed that the clockwise standard went hand in hand with the buttons-on-the-right standard. For Halloween once I used some women's pants as part of my costume--it's amazing how awkward it was to work the "backwards" closure. I still put on my belt counter-clockwise, and it just seemed less elegant/aesthetically pleasing. Not sure if that's just because...
"Hat tipped at perfect angle" - This is exactly what I thought of. They seem to go together, don't they. Now if it's cold outside, and you've forgotten your scarf, pop away. I actually find myself wishing my coats had a button on the underside of the right lapel to match the buttonhole in the left. -Greg
Just a plug for another forum, The Poor Man's Watch Forum: http://www.pmwf.com/Phorum/index.php It's a good place, and they focus on "inexpensive" watches over there, which apparently means less than a thousand dollars. Anyway, I enjoy that forum from time to time, so I thought I'd pass it along. -Greg
I like the first one better, though the second is a better match for your cat. ;-) If you already have a balanced closet, I'd keep the first. Plus, it was your first instinct, which is often the way to go. -Greg
I guess it's not bad, and I can't really put my finger on what turned me off of it. I've actually only seen it on the website so far. Perhaps I should go see it in person. Right now I'm doing my "preliminary research" though.
Hello all, I've been wanting a tuxedo for years, and I have a few formal events coming up, so now would be a good time. I'm looking for something ultra-traditional: 1 button, peak lapel, no vents, pleated trousers, grosgrain facing, matching low-cut waistcoat with lapels... you get the idea. Is there anywhere I can get something like this without going custom? Brooks Brothers at least has a one button peak lapel, but I don't care much for their waistcoat, and at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Full Canvas Congratulations! Good show; it looks fine. You really don't want it any smaller because you need room for a sweater or an odd jacket. I guess that really depends on how cold the wind is! Let the temperature dictate whether or not you button the lowermost button. Thanks, FC. I did considered the possibility of wearing a sweater with the coat, a very likely combination. Although my sweaters...
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