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Sorry for re-resurrecting this thread, but I stumbled across this thread the other day. Can anyone comment on the quality of the shoes? Or is it, "it's good enough for $65?" I'll be venturing down to Vietnam in August, and figured this might be worth checking. Tran Quoc Lan is still the place to visit? Or have the competitions stepped up their game? Thanks!
Gatsby seems to work for good bunch younger Asian folk. I haven't used it myself, but it's highly praised in some circles. There's a little styling chart to direct you to which line of Gatsby products. Not sure if you can get it locally. Online, for sure. Cheerio.
A couple of my stylist friends (ranging from fresh from Marvel college to ~5 years experience) dislike when people say "just do whatever you think looks best." Like everyone else is saying, bring a picture or a general idea of what you want. Always voice certain details that you want - they'll appreciate it.
PM Sent. Go Canada!
I tried the P90X Yoga workout a couple of times before doing some classes - it gives you a general idea of what to expect. I found the postures and such from P90X to be more difficult than the (beginner or mid-level?) Bikram class. You just have to overcome the heat, and it's no problem. Keep it up. You'll feel good.
Free bump. Great seller. Very good experience! Good prices for SF members confirmed. Awesome price for knit ties!
Why not go for the Milano (closest to your preference) by Birkenstock instead? I got them a few weeks ago, and they're working out for me.
Payment sent on 28. Church's Custom Grade Lace up Cap toe Shoes.
PM Sent.
PM sent on Navy and Charcoal suit.
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