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Quote: Originally Posted by SDavid Has anyone tried Suits in the City yet? I got two suits from them at their last event and they're fantastic. They are full bespoke and are Canadian owned but they produce somewhere in Asia. I went to buy one suit but their prices are so low it allowed me to buy two. I'd give them a try. I am not sure when their next event is but I just got an email saying they would be releasing the dates in the next couple of...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar We must create a lobby /pressure group... Can we all send an e-mail to Esquire to push his request? Love the turd...Earthy fall tone.. I'm in. Start an online petition . LETS GET VOX ON THAT SHOW!!!
hope you don't get rejected.
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO Last time to clarify, the lighter is a FUKING coincidence Which i amend today by getting a new one. And why the heck do i want to look the same - DTO Just saying man, if you want to. Not saying you are but, if you wanted to, thats your prerogative so don't let anyone get you down. I mean, if I had some money I would look like vox. No question about it. Just more handsome.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Tuesday Yesterday Today Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME ^ Divots on the jacket? EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO That was a joke, as explained ealier. These two jackets are original, ask PL if you have questions. People still think that out of a million people, when two people have the similar taste/clothes they must be COPYING each other. Abandon the thoughts please. Different look? Is there a guideline of how to dress like someone else? If so, i would stick to that and not do so, well, that being said. Forget the drama before,...
nobody cares. its up to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Contact SF member kunk07. He's very good at collecting judgements. And he could take care of the matter while commuting from the Island to the city. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy How many ties can it fit? im guessing...... 1
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