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You should just call. They've gotten better at answering the phone now, based on my experience.
I got a pair of the cotton/wool chinos. It's like wearing tailored sweatpants, so comfortable.
You should email Charly with all that information. He'll be able to size you up!
I would actually recommend 39 for you. I'm a US 8 in Nike and the 40 fits me very well.
Just got an email that says their boxing day sale is only 40% off already reduced merchandise.
Pretty sure the 30% off only applies to already marked down items.
I'm at Eaton Centre and I see the navy trench on sale for 199 and there's the 30% off sale items going on now.
Yeah, I saw quite a few items on sale at Bloor today, but not the specific items I want. I dropped by to make sure they still have what I want in my size to plan ahead for boxing day.
I hope they have an actual sale on boxing day for their regular price items instead of further discounting the sale items.
Please take over Dayton and send me the boots I ordered 8 months ago.
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