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I was at Bloor as well. I didn't see a single classic fit shirt.
Has anyone noticed any difference in fit between jeans from US/UK and Asia?
I finally received the remakes for my anniversary sale purchase. Looks like they changed the tongue piece from the weird flimsy material to a much more solid piece of leather. Needless to say, it took way too long to finally have my boots, but I'm happy with the boots themselves.
I actually think it's not slim enough, but looking at the shoulders, maybe it'll be fine. Trust Charly.
Did you run your body measurements by Charly? Go with what he suggests.The chest/mid/waist measurements don't look right to me...
You should just call. They've gotten better at answering the phone now, based on my experience.
I got a pair of the cotton/wool chinos. It's like wearing tailored sweatpants, so comfortable.
You should email Charly with all that information. He'll be able to size you up!
I would actually recommend 39 for you. I'm a US 8 in Nike and the 40 fits me very well.
Just got an email that says their boxing day sale is only 40% off already reduced merchandise.
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