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How's the material? The close up shot on Japan's site looks decent, but I remember last season's shirts wrinkling a lot even for linen.
The Asian Uniqlo M sleeves are going to be very short on you. I think you should try to get US/UK items instead.
If I remember correctly, the CUW45 can't be done in calf, so dark whiskey should be out. I wanted to get it in navy myself, but a lady friend said no.
Get them to call around to other stores to find your size and ship it to the store or you directly for $7. Don't get the wrong size just because something's on sale. You'll regret it later.
The CWU doesn't get enough love. Tempted to get one in navy lamb, possibly with the ribbed collar.
I was at Bloor as well. I didn't see a single classic fit shirt.
Has anyone noticed any difference in fit between jeans from US/UK and Asia?
I finally received the remakes for my anniversary sale purchase. Looks like they changed the tongue piece from the weird flimsy material to a much more solid piece of leather. Needless to say, it took way too long to finally have my boots, but I'm happy with the boots themselves.
I actually think it's not slim enough, but looking at the shoulders, maybe it'll be fine. Trust Charly.
Did you run your body measurements by Charly? Go with what he suggests.The chest/mid/waist measurements don't look right to me...
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