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No such thing as too much colour. [[SPOILER]]
Casual Friday, wore these to work. The colour on these is so amazing. I'm honestly surprised that there's still a large range of sizes left.
It's really a shame the BCDRs never really took off. I should've gotten one in a medium grey when I had the chance.
I've always wanted to buy a girlfriend DR for a lady. I might just have to buy one now, and whoever can fit into it will be deemed a suitable mate.
You are probably right. I just remember they were "premium linen", came in similar colours as the linen shirts this season, and I hated how wrinkled they were.
How's the material? The close up shot on Japan's site looks decent, but I remember last season's shirts wrinkling a lot even for linen.
The Asian Uniqlo M sleeves are going to be very short on you. I think you should try to get US/UK items instead.
If I remember correctly, the CUW45 can't be done in calf, so dark whiskey should be out. I wanted to get it in navy myself, but a lady friend said no.
Get them to call around to other stores to find your size and ship it to the store or you directly for $7. Don't get the wrong size just because something's on sale. You'll regret it later.
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