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Any thoughts on the mountain parka in tan? The colour looks nice, but it's already too hot and I'm not sure it'll work as a FW piece. On the other hand, I already have too much navy outerwear...
A SA told me that Made in USA shirts won't go on sale because it's a third party item. Based on the one shirt that I tried on, it fits roomier in the torso than classic fit shirts.
Looking for the UU easy jacket in a small dark gray. Please name your price + USPS shipping to Canada.
I don't think the chino fabric is prone to stretching like denim. Mine haven't stretch much if any yet, but I've only had maybe a solid 5 or so days of wear out of them so far.
Did anyone pick up or try on the slub blazer? How are the material and fit?
My first choice was a CWU in navy, but a lady friend said no to the style itself, not the colour. I still want a CWU or bomber, but I don't know if I can convince myself before the cutoff date.
Crossposting from the TOJ thread since I love these chinos...
^Yeah, but I was too lazy to retake it... I opted for no snaps because I never used them on my previous MDR, and they would just make clicking sounds when I walked. The lapels look a little naked now, will get used to it. I live and work in the downtown core, but it's starting to get too warm for leathers.
No such thing as too much colour. [[SPOILER]]
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