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P&B doesn't usually have any coupon codes. I think 40% is the best you can do for now. I must be on the opposite end of the spectrum because I have a 39" chest and the rest of me fits into smalls. Contemplating that marled jersey blazer. Local store has only one left, and it's my size. It stares back at me every time I stop by.
Some items marked down on Park and Bond as well, including the blazer that I bought last week at a smaller discount.
Odd, I actually sized down one for the westpoint shorts that I just picked up. Love these, by the way.
I didn't know there was a navajo print lined cotton blazer.
I wish they would make more in the classic fit. I didn't see too many for spring/summer.
I don't know about the fit, but the fabric is very different. It may be harder to tell with the navy colour online, but if you look up the slub cotton blazer/pants in sand, you can see that it's a textured/slightly wrinkled fabric.
Any thoughts on the mountain parka in tan? The colour looks nice, but it's already too hot and I'm not sure it'll work as a FW piece. On the other hand, I already have too much navy outerwear...
A SA told me that Made in USA shirts won't go on sale because it's a third party item. Based on the one shirt that I tried on, it fits roomier in the torso than classic fit shirts.
Looking for the UU easy jacket in a small dark gray. Please name your price + USPS shipping to Canada.
I don't think the chino fabric is prone to stretching like denim. Mine haven't stretch much if any yet, but I've only had maybe a solid 5 or so days of wear out of them so far.
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