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I'm going to visit Chicago for a few days in two weeks, and I don't see any existing Chicago threads. Food: I made a reservation at Moto and also plan to hit up Hot Doug's and Lou Malnati's. Any other places of note to try? Girl and the Goat is booked up until mid September. Maybe I'll have some luck checking opentable regularly to see if anyone cancelled. Shopping: Coming from Toronto, I'm considering picking up a Burberry trench to save on taxes. Is the outlet at...
Looks like I'll be picking up the Indigo cords in addition to ducks!
My size 29s have a 11.5 inch inseam.
Already have the red and beige chinos, and now I want the khaki and sand too... Also need to pick up the duck canvas when they come back.
Thoughts on these Oliver Peoples? Persols don't fit me.
I don't have any from last season, but I was told by the store guys to try sizing down one since they will stretch a little. I tried both my regular size and one down, and I took the one size down.
Roden Gray's facebook page has a few extra pics from this preview.
I would to check out the blazers and knits in person... Maybe one of those wool down pieces too.
I have the blazer, and I like it a whole lot. I'm not a fan of the pants because of the exposed zipper on the back pocket.
P&B doesn't usually have any coupon codes. I think 40% is the best you can do for now. I must be on the opposite end of the spectrum because I have a 39" chest and the rest of me fits into smalls. Contemplating that marled jersey blazer. Local store has only one left, and it's my size. It stares back at me every time I stop by.
New Posts  All Forums: