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Nobody knows because this is the first season that W+H has their online store up. A lot of places that stock W+H had sales in the past.
Black Friday sales just around the corner.
Try this: http://curatedbythetannery.com/collections/wings-horns/products/large-loop-hoodie-grey
Anyone have a link to the new colour 8 boots? That eBay seller no longer has them.
My lady friend commented that the quilting on the arms looked off. I think it's because it looks like a quilted piece of leather attached to the sleeve instead of having the quilting on the sleeve. From the back view, it's more evident because the seams don't line up.
I think the A2 sleeves are fine once it gets more wear and stacks better. I can't wait until mine gets here. Historically, TOJ packages get here on Tues/Wed, and I have a flight on Tues. It's going to be a close one.
What's the leather moto jacket?
I have the black suede/leather highs from last year. They probably get the most wear. Regarding the wool chinos, I have the wool/cotton blend ones in grey from last F/W. I really wanted them to work for business casual, but they just looked a lot more like tailored sweatpants. I wonder if the new charcoal ones can work.
Roden Gray and Nomad both still have M online.Edit: Oh, maybe you're not looking for the cashmere ones.
I was a big fan of that jacket until they released a picture of the back. The belted back ruined it for me.
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