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If you like them, then get them. I bought the exact same ones last summer. I ended up putting some laces on them because the laceless look started to bug me after a while.
Out of the blue in the early summer heat, I decided I want a chesterfield next winter. I hope that's still in the long term plans and you guys can finish your pattern for that by the fall! Also eagerly waiting for the trench. I wonder how the moto and DR will be updated when they come back some day. I've recently been told that I have an outerwear problem, and they're trying to cut me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Came in a few days ago, just got around to taking pics. Is that the standard herringbone? It seems to look different everytime someone posts a fit.
How much can the lamb stretch? I find the collar on my moto points inwards too much, rather than upwards. I've been wearing it as much as possible and shoving up bowl in there when I'm not wearing it to try and stretch the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O That seems the norm for me whenever I have anything shipped from the U.S. to Canada. Without exception it's always three weeks. Modern Tailor's website lists DHL and FedEx as their couriers of choice, did you specifically asked them to send it via their domestic mail service instead? Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Agreed. Whenever I have any packages coming from the US via...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Re: Modern Tailors Do they appoint a customs/duties brokerage firm to collect duties on your behalf or do you have to pay the duty to the courier when the courier delivers your order to your door? I live in Canada, by the way. Also, how long is the average turnaround time for the shirts to be made and delivered? For my one test shirt, it came through Canada Post. It was declared as gift and I...
What $20 coupon is this?
Wallet ready to take the hit of a navy trench.
Burgundy moto arrived last week, and "bolder, darker" herringbone pea today. It's all a little overwhelming.
Get a Tenba messenger insert for $30-40 or however much it costs and put it in your favourite shoulder/messenger bag. Viola, stylish camera bag!
New Posts  All Forums: