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Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 What colors/fabrics is the Chesterfield available in? I've seen someone say they ordered in Camel but unclear as to when and where the options were laid out? I ordered camel because dis or charly said it'd be available in camel 2 or so weeks ago. I have no clue what else is available.
Camel chesterfield ordered. Shame about the trench fabric though. I'm just going to keep holding out for a toj one since I haven't found anything affordable that I like yet.
F5ing all day at work hoping to see the chesterfield. 4 hour OT isn't fun, but it should help fund the coat.
Awesome sample sale aside. Any word on the trench? It's full on fall weather here now. There're only about six weeks left before I have to bring out the toj pea (not a bad thing).
Looking forward to the chestfield sample. I'm surprised the winter coats are coming out before the trench though. Cash in hand for both anyways.
Tried on a camel chesterfield in a store today. I didn't think the colour would work for me before, but now I really hope the TOJ chesterfield comes in camel.
Chesterfield and trench!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallen Angels fwiw, i wear my cherry gt's with various navy chinos practically every day to my office job. I'll probably pick up a pair to wear when it snows, but they're a little too casual for daily wear at my office.
Quote: Originally Posted by SteezNuts How are the peacoats in terms of warmth? I'm in Canada too so was wondering how they hold up for our winters hehe. I always wear wool coats in the winters, so this is the same deal to me. It's not going to be the same if you're the type that pulls a giant down jacket over a tee. You wear the peacoat over a shirt when it's cool and throw on a sweater when it's cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl wait, are the toj0's done and being shipped out? how longs the shipping process to canada? Canadian Customs add a day or two. My two purchases took about a week each to get to my door. Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one The peacoats were all melton, there's a lot of colors and combos available. I gotta cut those off soon, those and the duffles. Their window is...
New Posts  All Forums: