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Looking forward to the chestfield sample. I'm surprised the winter coats are coming out before the trench though. Cash in hand for both anyways.
Tried on a camel chesterfield in a store today. I didn't think the colour would work for me before, but now I really hope the TOJ chesterfield comes in camel.
Chesterfield and trench!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallen Angels fwiw, i wear my cherry gt's with various navy chinos practically every day to my office job. I'll probably pick up a pair to wear when it snows, but they're a little too casual for daily wear at my office.
Quote: Originally Posted by SteezNuts How are the peacoats in terms of warmth? I'm in Canada too so was wondering how they hold up for our winters hehe. I always wear wool coats in the winters, so this is the same deal to me. It's not going to be the same if you're the type that pulls a giant down jacket over a tee. You wear the peacoat over a shirt when it's cool and throw on a sweater when it's cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl wait, are the toj0's done and being shipped out? how longs the shipping process to canada? Canadian Customs add a day or two. My two purchases took about a week each to get to my door. Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one The peacoats were all melton, there's a lot of colors and combos available. I gotta cut those off soon, those and the duffles. Their window is...
Not sure if this belongs here or in the small questions thread, but I hope you shoe-aholics can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a burgundy cap toe oxford with a long toe box similar to the C&J Hallam. Please be gentle and keep it in the same price range ish. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch wow, missed something here, ToJ has charcoal calfskin?! Any pics of it? You can ask for non-standard colours. It costs extra, and what you want might not be available where ever they get their awesome leather.
If you like them, then get them. I bought the exact same ones last summer. I ended up putting some laces on them because the laceless look started to bug me after a while.
Out of the blue in the early summer heat, I decided I want a chesterfield next winter. I hope that's still in the long term plans and you guys can finish your pattern for that by the fall! Also eagerly waiting for the trench. I wonder how the moto and DR will be updated when they come back some day. I've recently been told that I have an outerwear problem, and they're trying to cut me off.
New Posts  All Forums: