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Are the thighs bigger on the PS when compared to the NS? That's what Context's measurements seem to indicate. I'm considering getting a pair of PS one size up from my NS to get a similar fit with lower rise, but the thigh measurement is throwing me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg the only curiosity I have with it is the shoulders, which seem like I might have received size 44 shoulders--it's 16" in back. They come out small on me, but I don't think they're too small. I don't think they look small at all. When's the new RHCP album coming out, Mr Kiedis?
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak ^ and there's probably more. Camel too.
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r i was actually curious about yours, as it seems to fit pretty nice and slim with just the shirt, and i'm wondering how much room there actually is in there. It's fitted quite well with just the shirt, but it's not tight around the shoulders or chest. It's also not pulling at the buttons. I see no problems layering with a sweater.
Yeah, I think the sleeves need a little bit of work. max_r, how much room you have depends on how you sized it for yourself, I suppose. Unless you have a super skin tight jacket, it's probably impossible to size the coat to look perfect both with and without a suit underneath. I actually prefer lower buttons because it's more flattering for my torso as a shorter guy. This actually feels a bit more constructed and thicker than my peacoat. I'm not sure if it's the cut...
Camel chesterfield arrived. Fit pics when I get home. E: Pics! Straight from package, so excuse the wrinkled-ness and a few straight threads (on the coat surface, not from the stitching).
God damn Canada Post, my chesterfield got processed at my local depot at 5am and still managed to miss the delivery trucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one they're good, just as I expected them to come out. Working on getting them all packed for shipping in the morning: I hope thats my camel.
I have to agree with everyone else here. I'm 39" chest and bought a M, 21.7" p2p peacoat. I had to slim it down. Your chest is smaller and your p2p is bigger, it's definitely too big.
I wonder how many people actually ordered a chesterfield besides me. Hopefully not many, so I can get mine soon.
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