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Quote: Originally Posted by dismalfuture on sufu a while back Quote: Originally Posted by insomnia this sounds like the type of jacket i needed to bring to seoul. when do you think the sample fishtail will be ready for (more) exposure? Not sure but the sample making dude has been churning through stuff a couple days at a time, so maybe very soon since the duffle is done. I have one more coat style I want to make after that and...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira So.... where's the trench at? If I remember correctly, the last update was not being able to find good enough material for it.
On vacation in China at the moment, and those pics won't load. Are they on imageshack or something? I think that's blocked here. Eagerly waiting for them to get on gallery where I can see them.
Damn, I think I need a duffle in navy. Toj or food. Decisions, decisions... Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum You can blame yourself, your pictures made me buy it
Damnit, I liked being the only one to have that colour! And yeah, it's more of a toffee/brown colour than camel. I guess it's more casual this way.
No willpower what so ever. It appears to be NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver Club Monaco stores only.
What's going on in the first picture? It looks like a "my name is _______" sticker was put on the jacket and forgotten about until a few weeks later.
Looks like Club Monaco is carrying a "limited edition" Voidis. I'm not sure what the difference is, but it's only $298CAD in Toronto. It's awfully tempting...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb They're not nice. Trust me. I didn't order any collab items, so they were nice enough to apply the discount for me. Hope you guys luck out with your Indies!
Damn it. Placed an order over the weekend. Emailed them about the new code. Hope they'll be nice (it's thanksgiving after all) and apply the new code to my order.
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