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I somehow got my leather delivered in about 10 days after ordering early last year, but I think that was when everyone else was just ordering peacoats. I can't wait to see spring leathers. Expecting a decent tax refund this year.
Is sizing consistent across Asia? I've only been to a store in Beijing, and I'd like to buy some items from the Japan online store.
Going back on the Alden shoe creams, where do you Canadians buy yours? The usual Alden dealers seem to be charging quite a bit for shipping such a small item.
Is the neutral shoe cream the way to go for dark brown chromexcel indys or does the dark brown actually match? Speaking of indys, do you guys use shoe trees considering they're more casual?
I'm 5'8 and 150, and I fit in a japanese medium. You have to be a small for NYC stuff.
Drew, any chance the next update of the moto will have more upright collars, or is the current collar designed to fit different neck sizes? I kind of want to buy a second moto. Can't have too many leather jackets, right?
Anyone know the difference between the "vintage" and "washed" chinos? The descriptions from the various uniqlo sites from different regions seem to say the same thing. Do they differ in fit/shininess?
Quote: Originally Posted by phailing101 Sorry- I was just on their unofficial site under "projects under active development" and they listed a trenchcoat.......has this been scrapped or is it on the way? I would really love one! I believe the trenchcoat has been postponed indefinitely because they can't find good enough material for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by phailing101 I would love to see any pics of the upcoming overcoat project! Any teasers? Are you referring to the last coat of this winter season? I believe that idea was scrapped.
Quote: Originally Posted by dismalfuture on sufu a while back Quote: Originally Posted by insomnia this sounds like the type of jacket i needed to bring to seoul. when do you think the sample fishtail will be ready for (more) exposure? Not sure but the sample making dude has been churning through stuff a couple days at a time, so maybe very soon since the duffle is done. I have one more coat style I want to make after that and...
New Posts  All Forums: