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Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O When will we be able to get a look at the new designs? Will these be all new designs or slight modifications of existing designs? Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one the Bomber isn't being replaced; neither are the Moto or DR, they'll still be around. Just adding some other styles.
Any online store recommendations for Tom Ford? I tried on a pair locally, but I keep seeing them for ~40% less online probably due to Canadian markups alone. I don't want to end up buying a fake.
The tote only comes with certain items, I believe. I only received one with my peacoat, if I remember correctly. Nothing with the moto or chesterfield.
Someone in Korea buy them a new scanner asap.
Talk about things you didn't know you needed.
There're already two or three whiskey bombers in the TOJ gallery if you want a peek. If someone hadn't left a nice dent on my car, I'd be throwing a big chunk of my tax refund at the temple for both a black lamb DR and a whiskey lamb collar moto. Now I have to actually choose. Talk about first world problems.
Man, I really want a black lamb DR, but I also want a whiskey leather for spring. Oh the decisions.
Waiting for leather swatches update.
Any updates on the switching of collars on leathers, or is that included as new styles?
They don't do PMs. Just send an email to Charly at the email address in the first post.
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