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Quote: Originally Posted by Odd Morsel Thank you, IRS. Collared moto, here I come What colour? I can't decide between whiskey and brown... wish there was a light brown option.
So very tempted by collared moto in whiskey...
Oh crap, will have to decide between collared moto and minimalist dr.
^ Brown is so versatile. I don't like my black dress shoes because they're so boring. Brown ones go with everything but black suits/pants, which I don't wear anyways. I swear just yesterday I was thinking how if our office won the big lotto jackpot this week, I'd buy Charly a leather in addition to like five for myself. Granted, we didn't win this week, but at least I'm off the hook now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O When will we be able to get a look at the new designs? Will these be all new designs or slight modifications of existing designs? Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one the Bomber isn't being replaced; neither are the Moto or DR, they'll still be around. Just adding some other styles.
Any online store recommendations for Tom Ford? I tried on a pair locally, but I keep seeing them for ~40% less online probably due to Canadian markups alone. I don't want to end up buying a fake.
The tote only comes with certain items, I believe. I only received one with my peacoat, if I remember correctly. Nothing with the moto or chesterfield.
Someone in Korea buy them a new scanner asap.
Talk about things you didn't know you needed.
There're already two or three whiskey bombers in the TOJ gallery if you want a peek. If someone hadn't left a nice dent on my car, I'd be throwing a big chunk of my tax refund at the temple for both a black lamb DR and a whiskey lamb collar moto. Now I have to actually choose. Talk about first world problems.
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