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Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 I think brown would be a more versatile color. My first piece was in brown, then black, then whiskey. I'm deciding my next piece now and I'm not certain yet. Brown is definitely more versatile. The whiskey colour just looks beautiful, and the collared moto seems like a perfect piece for it. Oh decisions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd Morsel Thank you, IRS. Collared moto, here I come What colour? I can't decide between whiskey and brown... wish there was a light brown option.
So very tempted by collared moto in whiskey...
Oh crap, will have to decide between collared moto and minimalist dr.
^ Brown is so versatile. I don't like my black dress shoes because they're so boring. Brown ones go with everything but black suits/pants, which I don't wear anyways. I swear just yesterday I was thinking how if our office won the big lotto jackpot this week, I'd buy Charly a leather in addition to like five for myself. Granted, we didn't win this week, but at least I'm off the hook now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O When will we be able to get a look at the new designs? Will these be all new designs or slight modifications of existing designs? Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one the Bomber isn't being replaced; neither are the Moto or DR, they'll still be around. Just adding some other styles.
Any online store recommendations for Tom Ford? I tried on a pair locally, but I keep seeing them for ~40% less online probably due to Canadian markups alone. I don't want to end up buying a fake.
The tote only comes with certain items, I believe. I only received one with my peacoat, if I remember correctly. Nothing with the moto or chesterfield.
Someone in Korea buy them a new scanner asap.
Talk about things you didn't know you needed.
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