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Good call. Thanks! Strange, since I didn't have this problem before with the same email account.
Is PM email notification working for anyone? I haven't received an emails this weekend.
Ugh, reply is not edit.
Time to move some outerwear pieces to new homes. This is the TOJ chesterfield in camel colour with brown trim. Here's a chance for you to pick one up after many regretted over not buying one before it was discontinued. This piece is in great condition. The leather trim looks worn, but it's actually just from being folded down under the collar. This is a stock size 46 slightly shortened. Measurements taken from my coat (not from size chart): Shoulders 17.5" Pit to pit...
For Boxing Day last year, they only did additional 30-40% off sale items. It wasn't that different from those random weekend promotions if you're looking to buy something specific: pray that it's already on sale.
Just curious, what pieces are you seeing 20+% increases? I can't remember prices aside from the oxfords I buy every season and comparing the wool mac I picked up 2 years ago to this season's. It's way below 10% for those.
Time to move some outerwear pieces to new homes. This is the TOJ collared moto, ordered the first day of release. I have too many TOJ pieces both leather and wool, and this one doesn't go with the rest of my wardrobe that much. It has only been worn roughly 10-15 times. The only sign of wear is on the corners of the sleeves where the zipper is (see photo). The jacket came out to be pretty much a 46 with slightly shortened body length. Measurements taken from my jacket...
If I remember correctly, it was already $880-900 two seasons ago when I picked it up in heather grey. I can't remember the exact price. It's still my favourite piece of outerwear. The pocket flaps should flatten over time. The fabric doesn't look significantly thicker than mine, and my pocket flaps are fine.
Uniqlo +J chunky shawl collar cardigan in XS brown. Bought it in NYC two years ago, but only worn about 5 times since I'm not that big on sweaters. It has always been stored folded and not on a hanger; it's in great shape. As this is a chunky sweater, there is quite a bit of stretch in all dimentions. Shoulders 16.5" Pit to pit 18" Back length from base of collar: 24.5" Sleeve length from shoulder: 25.5" Please note this sweater pills quite easily. $75 includes...
I was referring to the first picture that Willy posted. Mine's more blue than that. In the sun, it's more or less the first picture you posted. I think it'll only look like the second picture that you posted in a very dark bar.
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