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Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait How long might one expect to wait when ordering today. How is the general situation with the new designs (DRs / Moto)? From 2 weeks ago: Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Based on what we have in our order log to finish, the parts that are on order: the turnaround time for orders put in now would be fairly normal. We've gotten out of the slowness that was caused by 1) Christmas...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Arethusa, pm me with what you're thinking on your order. I think a 2011 DR, black/black would serve as one of the pieces nicely Make mine first, okay?
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 J. Crew? We Canadians are in better shape then.
Email Charly and see how your actual measurements match up rather than going by the size number. I don't know where you shop that 38 is a small though.
It starts out with the same cut as the 2010 DR as they both use the same size chart. How the cut actually comes out in the end just depends on the measurements that you and Charly end up with.
^ Going to work a blacked out minimalist DR into my work wardrobe myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one check again, hanger disappeared It's like magic.
I think someone forgot to use the invisible hanger... Either way, I don't think the hanger fit is doing that suede bomber justice. If only I didn't just buy two leathers.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six One thing I wasn't aware of though, is that the "blacked out" apples to all hardware EXCEPT the snaps for buttoning down the collar, underneath. So it looks pretty weird to wear the collar up as there are 4 suddenly very noticeable metallic nipples sitting there. Hence, the following question: what should I do in order to make my blacked out DR fully blacked out? Only thing I can think to use is nail polish, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock Thread needs to get back on topic, fuck all this bullshit. Super quick fit pic (aware that shirt looks like shit, jeans suck, etc.) of my brown calf bomber. Evo is going really well, I've worn it the rain and it really makes it come alive. That looks like Aeglus' goat bomber. I thought only one was made.
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