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^ Thanks, you two. Doesn't sound like the cut for me then.
How do the NS and PS sized up one differ in fit? From what I can tell from size charts, the PS would have a slightly lower rise and slightly more tapered legs. Does that sound about right?
$125 off regular price on boots until wednesday the 13th.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I believe some new stuff should be hitting shores on Monday or so. Trying very hard to ignore this and trying to not bug Charly to see if my stuff has shipped. Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I've been up at night sketching out all my ideas lately. Most will be for F/W like I said, but I might get antsy and make some of the before then. This is awesome. I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by meso Uh, they're also brogues... I think you're looking at the wrong shoes.
I think I'm #2, but with my luck, I'm just hoping to get one before May.
No, it does not.
It's normal. Charly probably responds to a billion emails a day when new things come out and everyone's asking 20 questions.
Oh god, there's time to change? I've been really second guessing my DR body length. Are you supposed to get the same body lengths for the minimalist DR and the collared moto? They have the same hem, but their charts are different. Charly assured me it's just a different style, but it doesn't feel right.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude can anyone proxy +j for me from some other country? looking for aparticular item thats sold out currently in the US Just remember that the Asian Uniqlos are shorter in the sleeves and probably the body as well.
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