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Quote: Originally Posted by Keyboard Warrior wash more. In turn you'll get less contrast, increased durability. You're right, but at this point, I just need a new pair. I'm thinking about another pair of NS due to the cut, but I also want to see what else is out there.
Alright, I read back about 10 pages and didn't find anything similar to what I'm looking for, or at least I couldn't figure out the cut of the jeans based on the discussion. I'm not liking how my APC NS has faded after about 15 months, but I do love the cut. I'm looking for something in a very similar cut (most important criteria: rise can't be higher) but slower fading and less contrasty. Better quality denim would be a huge plus because these things are starting for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear PIIIIIIIIICS? Busy trying to eat lunch in 10mins because I spent 20mins in front of the mirror.
Decided to come home for lunch and just happened to catch my mailman leaving a missed delivery notice for my blacked out minimalist DR. I don't remember the lamb being this soft.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qudi It depends really on the person that's wearing it. I don't think my 30 PS's leg is narrower than my friend's 28 NS, his is definitely a bit slimmer. I recommend looking at fit pics on sufu, esp at the people who are near your size. Yeah, I'm just looking for a similar cut to NS with possibly a slightly lower rise. I'm happy with my current pair of NS, but they're showing too much wear for casual fridays at...
^ Thanks, you two. Doesn't sound like the cut for me then.
How do the NS and PS sized up one differ in fit? From what I can tell from size charts, the PS would have a slightly lower rise and slightly more tapered legs. Does that sound about right?
$125 off regular price on boots until wednesday the 13th.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I believe some new stuff should be hitting shores on Monday or so. Trying very hard to ignore this and trying to not bug Charly to see if my stuff has shipped. Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I've been up at night sketching out all my ideas lately. Most will be for F/W like I said, but I might get antsy and make some of the before then. This is awesome. I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by meso Uh, they're also brogues... I think you're looking at the wrong shoes.
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