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Hmm, it says "up to 25%" off select F/W goods. I don't see any of it reflected on the site yet.
It's not even about good cameras. Just take a picture outside during the day if you have a crappy camera. There's a reason crappy cameras are cheap. They can't deal with low light.
I really like the idea of the one button working cuff. I've got two button ones on another coat, and I love it. Who makes the wool coats anyways? You've got the TOJ1/bomber guys and the DR guys.
As long as you're not adding 30 inches to the body or something, I'm sure Drew can work with you.
Yes, you can tweak lengths from the standard sizes.
Can anyone recommend an alternative to these? I have no idea about the quality of Ugg boots, but I assume I can do better. Looking for something very similar: black, a little higher than regular ankle boots, and no moc toe. Contrast sole and shearling would be nice.
The sleeve lining is the typical stuff you find in outerwear. According to Acrimony, it's a viscose/poly blend.
I'm sorry that angered you. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to have to wait for a sale to pick it up, so I figured I would mention "hooray, I didn't have to wait" since I picked it up literally the next day. Actually, Nomad isn't the only place in Toronto that has the coat. Post edited because I'm a moron, apparently.
39" chest here. I just measured the coat: 25" sleeves, 17" shoulders, 20" pit to pit. All the measurements are on the dot. I don't know how the bomber fits. If you can try on the fishtail, I would buy the same size as that since they fit fairly similar to me.
Excuse the tee and cut off feet. Stayed in tonight and breaking in new dress shoes. Very last pic is the amazingly soft cotton lining. Also not sure what the D ring at the inside chest pocket is for. I'm 5'8, 150, and this is a S.
New Posts  All Forums: