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Any peacoats going out this week? Need to see what I can wear to NYC later this month.
As a Canadian who has never been inside a J. Crew store, which NYC store is worth dropping by for a look?
I don't think you would be able to bend your arms comfortably if the sleeves were slimmer.
I used Sutocorp a lot but decided it was too expensive. I tried out based on someone's recommendation in here, if I remember correctly.Based on one order, it's a fair bit cheaper (total cost including shipping to Canada of about 30% over price of uniqlo items vs ~50% from Sutocorp), but they seem to take a week longer to send you a final payment request and ship your items after you've initially placed your order. They ship with EMS as well.Having a...
No clue about the suit, but I saw the $140CAD tag on their button downs and didn't even bother trying one on.
Here is the size chart from Uniqlo Japan. Asian sizes should be the same. The measurements in the first chart are length, shoulders, p2p, and sleeve length based on the diagram.
Hmm, it says "up to 25%" off select F/W goods. I don't see any of it reflected on the site yet.
It's not even about good cameras. Just take a picture outside during the day if you have a crappy camera. There's a reason crappy cameras are cheap. They can't deal with low light.
I really like the idea of the one button working cuff. I've got two button ones on another coat, and I love it. Who makes the wool coats anyways? You've got the TOJ1/bomber guys and the DR guys.
As long as you're not adding 30 inches to the body or something, I'm sure Drew can work with you.
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