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I think some of their items are labelled incorrectly colour-wise. I picked up the brown looking one, and it's labelled as brown. On the other hand, I picked up the wine cardigan, but it's labelled as purple, which looks like neon pink online.
Having a terrible transaction with Sharp Service right now. Taking back my recommendation.
Well you can't expect Drew to accept the same margins as big clothing houses if he's keeping volume low to offer us MTM and quality checks by himself on every single piece. At the end of the day, he has to be able to live off of this.I think we need fit pics of coats to start popping up soon.
If that's the profit margin that Drew wants in exchange for the work required to design and make a shearling piece, then that's what it'll cost. You can have your own opinions of how much profit a business should get for its work, but it's really not up to you in the end now, is it?
How are US prices compared to Canadian prices? Going to be in NYC for a few days.
I've compared dress/casual/flannel shirt measurements from UK and JP sites. JP is identical to UK one size smaller, but with shorter sleeve length. The body length stays the same, which I found odd.
39" chest was one of the measurements I gave Charly, and he sized me to 47 in leathers. I also have had wool coats in both 48 and 46, and I like the way the 46 fits more. I think my chest is just larger relative to my other measurements.
That can't be right. 21" p2p on a 48 for a 38" chest?Isn't there a ~2" vanity sizing difference? I'm a 39" chest and always fitted in between 48 and 46, usually leaning towards 46 for coats and 47 for leathers.
Does CM actually have any regular fit shirts? All I saw were slim fits last time. I'm short and would like to size down one in a regular fit.
Any peacoats going out this week? Need to see what I can wear to NYC later this month.
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