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Coat was fully buttoned the whole trip. Just need it to relax a little and get a good roll going.
All this pants talk made me wish the wool flannel tapered pants worked for me. The top block was just too baggy. I can't seem to find anything similar.
Based on online measurements of shirts alone, only the sleeves are cut shorter for the Asian versions.
You're 2" shorter and have 20-25lbs on him. You probably need to go bigger than 52. Email Charly, he'll size you up.
Definitely don't hang it. I just fold it up along with the rest of my sweaters.
Definitely took it off when inside. Can't wear it with a white shirt either; it's like having a cat inside the jacket. I still like it, but it's just a bit of a hassle.
Stupid +J shawl collar knit jacket is pilling like crazy
I thought they started getting more strict with those. My friend was asked for a transcript or class schedule once because we always carried those around when we were students, right?
I thought it was just 30% off already reduced items, and most items were not on sale?
They don't really have much of a sale section right now since they probably sent off all the old inventory to other stores prior to the renovation.
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