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They don't, but I have friends in the states who forward packages to me from time to time.
Anyone know if The Corner does price adjustments if things are marked down further within your return period? Won't be able to get in touch with them until Monday.
I grabbed the black suede high sneakers from Roden Gray this morning after they got marked down. Shopping half awake was not a good idea. I don't need another pair of black high tops. Might return or toss them on B&S. Anyone a size 40?
Speaking of pants, can anyone comment on the fit of the wool blend chinos? A little worried about the bagginess of the seat and the amount of taper after trying on the straight raws a while back.
Thank you to you both. I think I'll just take a shot with 40 and get an insole if needed.
As awesome as the leathers are, I have to say I love the wool coats a lot more. I keep finding excuses to go outside, so I can wear the peacoat more. I love the oversized lapel look that develops when I never button the top button (second from the top if you count them all).
I paid $450 when it was first released.
So I read that W+H sneakers are sized similarly to CPs, but I don't own any CPs. I'm a 8 in Nike sneakers, 7.5 in McNairy chukka, and 7 in Alden Indy. Does 40 in W+H sound about right?
I'm 5'8 and more or less 17" shoulders if I remember correctly. I'm the one with a 39" chest and fitting into S/36 coats from a few weeks ago
Which Bay location is that? I'm intrigued.
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