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Ace Hotel x wings + horns x nanamica parka for 10th anniversary. It sure is pricey, but I'm interested to see what else they have coming out.
Looking for the 2012 F/W Wings + Horns primaloft MA-1 bomber in charcoal/small. If you have one that you want to let go, please PM me with price, condition, and pic(s). Thanks
I have the darker charcoal ones, and I love them. I went with my usual westpoint size, and they fit just fine. They're not soft as you would expect tweed dress pants to be, due to the cotton/poly/acrylic blend instead of wool. They are more "rigid" like the regular chinos, which I prefer. There's no noticeable stretch that I've noticed.
It gets pretty cold there, dude. You need a camel coat. Now where can we find one for you...?
Unfortunately, I'm in Toronto.
Now you're making me second guess myself.
You could lose some weight and buy mine instead.
Good call. Thanks! Strange, since I didn't have this problem before with the same email account.
Is PM email notification working for anyone? I haven't received an emails this weekend.
Ugh, reply is not edit.
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