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How long does it take to get the 20% off first purchase code after signing up for the newsletter? I assumed it was instantaneous, but it's been a couple of days and it's not in my junk folder either.
How's the sizing on the fishtail parka? I'm tempted. Not sure if I need to size down though.
Not sure what you're looking for, but I added two more photos. It's the same T1 design as any other TOJ. Suede is hard to capture in photos.
Added sleeve width measurements.
This is the Temple of Jawnz suede T1 in medium grey. It is the same colour that user Synthese purchased and prompted everyone else to order one as well. His photos in the TOJ gallery is pretty accurate for colour of the jacket. Purchased in early 2013 and received in November. By then it was already too snowy for me to wear it, so it has been only worn outside the house 2-3 times this spring. I've lost too much weight in the last year, so it doesn't fit me very well. This...
Looking for a SNS Herning Ion Cardigan in small, preferably in oxblood/burgundy. If you have one that you want to let go, please PM me with price, condition, and pic(s). Or if you know of an online retailer that has one in stock, I'll paypal you a small gift as thank you. Thanks
How does the ion cardigan fit? I'm eyeing a medium but I'm usually a small in other brands (5'8", 140lb, 39" chest).
Sold! If you're looking at this ad, you already know what this is. It's in great condition. Worn for one season. I like to wear new pieces when I get them, so this one was left in the closet after I picked up a W+H coat next season. It does have 3 rows of buttons. I just prefer the top row unbuttoned, hence the photos. Fit pic was from when I first received it. TOJ Peacoat (2011, final version) Navy with black leather trim, small (46) Measurements from peacoat itself...
Ace Hotel x wings + horns x nanamica parka for 10th anniversary. It sure is pricey, but I'm interested to see what else they have coming out.
Looking for the 2012 F/W Wings + Horns primaloft MA-1 bomber in charcoal/small. If you have one that you want to let go, please PM me with price, condition, and pic(s). Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: