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Sweet ^ glad to know I'm not alone dude.
I like watching UFC, but I'm not hooked to it. A fight I'm looking forward to Couture Vs. Coleman when UFC 109 rolls around. It's going to be dope. Does anyone else watch?
I'm thankful that I'm all good. Nothing to bad or amazing.
1)Music (Underground Rap specifically) 2)Videogames 3)Kicking it with friends 4)Soccer (Barclays Premier League all day, get the fuck out of here with American Football) 5)Computers
Lol^ Thanks for the warm welcome.
Uhh I'm not exactly sure about the shipping because I don't buy much online, hell I rarely buy online. But if you need some stuff, I'll try my best to help you out by getting the cheapest price for it.
Yes 6th Grade....scrub day....well technically I didn't get jumped. I was just outnumbered just like the rest of the 6th graders, it's like when I'm in danger I know what to do and when to do it. Lol
Sometimes, when it's acting retarded, that could get someone angry, but other than those times it's all good.
Not me dude... I watch tv a lot, but no anxiety problems.
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