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Minimal wear, still plenty of life. $250 Retail for $525 Pm for any questions
WTB: black BCDR in sz 50 plz
ill take it, whats the paypal?
Was able to pick up some pretty rare Dali wood block prints at an estate auction. The first picture is what I got it for (141$) and the second is what it seems to be be going for on the web (around 1200 - 2000 depending on the frame) I got 4 of them. "The Sixth Heaven of Jupiter - Paradise 20", "Cerebus - Inferno 6", "Centaur - Inferno 25", and "The Divine Comedy- Inferno 10" Anybody have any cool information on this series? Ive always been a fan of Dali, for this is...
I used to love this thread.
The one I've found for sale is a 1999 and in a size 50, I have a current 5-zip in a size 50 that fits pretty well, would the one from 1999 fit similar?Thanks for the help
How do the fit of leather pieces from margiela in the 90s contrast from the pieces today?
Ive done 24 miles of running this week gentlemen. 1,377.06 + 24 = 1401.06 Does hiking count? If not I'd figure I'd share seeing its exercise related. McAfees knob in Roanoake, if theres anyone close to VA that hasnt done the hike..do it. Absolutely gorgeous. If it counts add 7 more miles to my number! happy running everyone, will update soon
Is this rick intarsia a high neck?
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