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Looking to trade a new BCDR I got in size 48 for one in a size 50-52.
Looking to trade a size 48 quilted navy calf BCDR for a BCDR in size 50-52
Ask a question, get an answer and say thank you....isnt that the point of forums? Or have we all completely lost ourselves in the circle jerk?
New to posting in the thread yeah, Ive been lurking for some time. Adding details now, thanks for the information.Yes.
Where would I add to it, at the bottom?Doesn't it say at the top you're not allowed to tamper with it?
What email is being used?Templeofjawnz@gmail.com?I've tried to get in contact for weeks to notify my spot isn't listed on the spreadsheet but haven't received a reply
I've been lurking for a bcdr for years now. If anyone has one they are willing to let go let me know. I'll pay primo for it.
Still looking for a black bcdr in sz 48-52. Will pay primo
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