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There are some really light wool suits out there. I like Carolina Herrera off the rack for that. You hadly know your wearing them. Thats my first choice for Southern state summers.
I just dont like shoes you cant run or kick someone in.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry A therapist in a mental health clinic? Perhaps the first order of business is to dress such that you don't intimidate the patients and/or dress in a manner that would help relax them. Brown jumbo cords, black polo neck jumper, tasselled leather loafers, and a briar wood pipe, whilst sitting in a leather armchair next to a roaring fire perhaps?
This is your life. Try and dress how you want to live, because thats what your doing.
Like a previous poster says, if your comfortable wearing it, then let people get used to you. It is your life after all. Display yourself as you wish, particularly to the positive. I'm Tx located also and maybe one of a couple out of 500 who wear a suit each day. Frankly, I dont give a f*ck.
Its a Brooks Brothers extra slim. 3 for $199, plus 25% off with the family and friends sale thing this last weekend. First 3 things I've ever bought from there, but fits very nice. Only downside is a chest pocket, but hey ho. Quote: Originally Posted by derv What brand of shirt is that, Foggy?
Back from the tailor having buttoned the sleeves, let out the chest and hemmed the trousers. Happy!
Good website though.
Quote: Originally Posted by gogglesdonothing sorry for being a newb but is it me or is there something wrong with the shoulders? they just seem a bit "wrong" when compared to most of the fits I've seen around here, they seem to "slope down" if you know what I mean. Is it because the shoulders too big or it's meant to be this way? If its my pics on page 4, then thats just me. The shoulders are only very lighty padded.
Quote: Originally Posted by foggy The MTM's are both but the suits are a true 42", and the same length, sleeve length etc as these , perhaps the shoulders 1/2" bigger too. Small margins but just enough to make me question. I wonder if plus 1 or so bigger will make me think its too large. The tailor thinks he can get another inch out of the chest of the suit, so I'm going to give that a go and see how it turns out. That would push it to a 42".
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