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Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Please post pics! Sorry its getting tailored, and then I'm away for 2 weeks, so it could be a while.
They had that suit in their window display in the store I went into yesterday. It looked very nice. I was looking for a charcoal suit, and bought one, but if they hadnt had my size I would certainly have looked at the pinstripe too. If you get the sizing right, surely they can get one in from another store?
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky That's the sharkskin one. Very nice suit. The one that they said no dice on was their regular charcoal, which is a little darker and retailed for $1,595. Not sure it was sharkskin, it had no sheen, but I cant check it as they have it for alterations. Curiously the SA described it as their most 'sincere' suit, which I questioned and he advised all the lawyers buy them because they always get the jury...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Their basic suits (plain charcoal, navy and black) and tuxedos are the only exclusions to my knowledge. Not sure if any shirts are excluded (like plain white or formal shirts). Wouldn't surprise me if their basic blue blazer is also out, but not sure on that either. I bought a charcoal RLBL suity yesterday with 30% off only, $1,695 down to $1,186. Thats as much as they would do.
Black label was 30% off today in the boutique store. No kicker mentioned.
I have a stone coloured cotton two piece which I wear occasionally instead of a normal suit. Im always overdressed, but then I am in a very business casual environment (Houston) in the South. I also have a navy blazer suit which is very similar (both Carolina Herrera) and you can soften them by swapping the blazers between them quite easily. In your case your in a formal business environment, and so I wouldnt go for the Southern Gentleman, or Miami Vice look.
Saturday - Run round with the kids playing basketball and soccer for 90 mins. Monday - 8 x 3min rounds on the punchbag (100+ punches round) with 30 sec breaks between rounds. Followed by 30 mins interval training on the ski machine, 140+ heart rate. Wednesday - same as Monday. Thursday - 4 x 3min rounds on the punchbag as warmup. 4 sets of 12 x 50lb clean and jerk, but no putting down, 4 sets of 12 x 25lb dumbell bicep curls, 4 sets 12 x 50lb squats. Do that as...
Quote: Originally Posted by ljrcustom The Magnoli jacket is awesome. What model is it and how well does it hold up? -LR The Magnoli is the Casino Royale replica, therefore a copy of an Armani leather jacket basically. Its MTM though, so if you can get your measurements right you can end up with what you want. No complaints from me and its way better than the pics on the Magnoli website.
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 50% 0ff right now.'s-Coats/yp-OC024BRN/Brown-Check-Over-Coat/productdetail.aspx?ppp=12&sortBy=Relevance&page=1&back=False&canned=&browse=Y
A couple of mine, even if it is STILL too hot to wear them. Uploaded with Tan coloured is Carolina Herrera, the dark one a Magnoli.
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