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Quote: Originally Posted by TrH So, you're asking why try to change ones physique or recomp... are you saying that everyone should just be content with whatever figure they happen to have or have I understood you wrong? If you're not happy with how you look, I see nothing wrong with trying to change that. Unfortunately the process often (always) involves diet and exercise, especially if you're hoping to see some changes actually take place. As I...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Yes, it is. Some like to have a physique unlike a half-emaciated Auschwitz survivor - shouldn't be that hard to understand or is it? On the top left corner of your screen it says "styleforum", now if that's not an obvious hint that people here, might (just might) concern themselves with things that have to do with their outward appearance then I don't know what is. That is true, but buying clothes is probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Being strong is fun. Excellent reason then.
Does anyone compete at anything? Or is being able to lift heavy stuff the goal in itself? Lots of calories and PEDs to be able to pick up heavy stuff doesnt compute to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by foggy Sorry its getting tailored, and then I'm away for 2 weeks, so it could be a while. Its back. Looks horrible. Slim ties only. Uploaded with
Pretty cool. It is a mega shop, quite different from the US. I was in there yesterday funnily enough.
Carolina Herrera. Slim suits and other pieces. 38r fits straight off the rack. Stunning value at sale time.
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Irrelevant, because its now open to the public. NOV0410 will get you the extra 15%. Your welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisc The codes are pretty easy to get if you play around with it. Here are a few that work: PS2010648399 PS2010648499 PS2010648299 PS2010547265 PS2010548382 I know at least one of these codes wont work.
Narrow Pin Dots Tie Size: ONE SIZE Color: Black/White Ref.#: S8216355 Item # 4319237 $80.32 1 Cashmere Fringe Scarf Size: ONE SIZE Color: Lt Grey Heather Ref.#: S8582887 Item # 4435344 $165.62 1 Heritage Corduroy Sport Coat Size: 40 REGULAR Color: College Gray Ref.#: S8099734 Item # 4281918 $186.15 1 Slaton Calf Cap-Toe Shoe Size: 10 D Color: Black Ref.#: S8230157 Item # 4325815 $282.6 Picked these up yesterday, online. When you got to...
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