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Z Zegna Wool Mohair Steel Grey 3 Button Suit 52 EU 42 US Perfect] Angelo Nardelli Soft Shoulder Hydro Virgin Wool & Cotton Herringbone Sports Coat Nice.
Pointy knees, aside from being terrible unattractive, can damage your clothes.
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Guess this avoids the question of whether the socks should match the trousers or shoes. With hindsight, neither would be better!
Dressed about as conservatively s Ive ever been. But work and then straight on a date tonight. RLBL suit and tie, ferragamos, omega. This self photography lark is hard.
Way too specific I'm sure but if anyone knows where to get one it would be appreciaated. Cheers.
Really like these Soho blazers, but where the heck do you get them. Online or in the US? Quote: Originally Posted by clausc These Boglioli coats are pretty nice, but I preffer a SB jacket for casual wear. And I hate the buttons. Boglioli Soho jackets
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius I love their Black Label and if it fits you perfectly go for it! It's not like a cashmere blazer is going to come inexpensively - that's about as good as it gets without treading into shady land. Got ya. Thanks.
I have a 40r RLBL cashmere (tropical weight) navy blazer on hold which was $2500 originally but now down to $1300. It fits wonderfully and Im told its unusual for such a staple to be on sale. Good deal?
Can someone just do 21 days, and then they will be the expert and can tell this guy to stfu.
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