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Are webshops obligated to state shipping restrictions? Seems like amazing customer service by LNCC to me.
Actually that was what I was thinking before posting lol, I just copied the term to refer to the same object
Come on now, APC is definitely much better quality than H&M. I think the styling on the APC website is too boring at times, but some pieces are really nice and deserve more attention. I hate that the APC thread is only "size down 2 or 3" talk, instead of actually sharing experiences on the brand as a whole, and not just focussing on the raw denim. Full retail nice? No, but I do believe that at half off good deals can be had.
B&S has been terrible for quite a while now to be honest Not sure what causes it, maybe the new forum design? Recession? More and more people only buying deeply discounted stuff in sales (thus B&S prices no longer that attractive)?
My size =( those oxfords are exactly what I was looking for, can't believe I missed out.
^ It's been that price since january. Doesn't mean it's not a great buy, I own those derbies in both brown and soft black and they're good value at this price.
re: visual effect of wider hips. The 4zip might be better because the stress (from pulling) is distributed more. There is more room between the zippers for the leather to flow through (creasing), visually creating a more straight line from chest to hem, which, if you sized the waist correctly, would be more flattering to your hips.But I guess we will find out soon enough, really interested to see the upcoming 4zip fits.
Can't say for sure since I didn't try it on. It's the fabric I'm raving about, really nice feel and drape to it, very luxe.
How can one opt for a 3 zip mdr, the 4zip is superior imo.
Wouldn't sleep on the navy bomber either, handled it and it's truly stunning.
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