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I don't know, I think in Europe at least it's pretty much the norm to place your cutlery on 4 o clock when finished.Also, do Americans really do this:Sounds retarded but that's just my own cultural point of view so it shouldn't be taken as an insult.
Here you go, returning mine. The shape is too pointy for me. Leather quality is really pretty good though.Bought these wool trousers from COS as well, and they're great(for 45 euros). 7" hem on a 48. Color is cocoa, which is pretty accurate. Definitely keeping these:
^ bought those shoes too. For 75 euros and a decent return policy it's worth the shot.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/219296/outlier-tailored-performance-clothing That said, I'd go with a 32. The waistband doesn't give and my 32s measure 16.5" across.
COS already started if subscribed to their newsletter. Pretty much all stuff that's on sale is 50% off
Wondering if there will be gum sole sneaks from HMxMMM. You don't see gum soles much on the streets.. actually I can't remember ever seeing them in the wild, except for indoor sport halls.
Are webshops obligated to state shipping restrictions? Seems like amazing customer service by LNCC to me.
Actually that was what I was thinking before posting lol, I just copied the term to refer to the same object
Come on now, APC is definitely much better quality than H&M. I think the styling on the APC website is too boring at times, but some pieces are really nice and deserve more attention. I hate that the APC thread is only "size down 2 or 3" talk, instead of actually sharing experiences on the brand as a whole, and not just focussing on the raw denim. Full retail nice? No, but I do believe that at half off good deals can be had.
B&S has been terrible for quite a while now to be honest Not sure what causes it, maybe the new forum design? Recession? More and more people only buying deeply discounted stuff in sales (thus B&S prices no longer that attractive)?
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