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Not extraordinarily. It's one of those brands that base their prices on sales like these.. but it's not a bad deal either.
Interested in a proxy for the CP sale @ News, will pay proper fee..
Since we're talking about N. Hoolywood, are they doing a ma-1 this season? Find their site a little hard to navigate and haven't seen it any at online stockist yet.
Silver > blacked out
This is great. If someone's got a 48 for sale hit me up.
^ Schneider sizing is just inconsistent. I have size 4 and size 6 shirts that fit me about the same, and these differences don't seem to relate to "intended fit". I'm also wondering if WW's listed measurements were wrong? Because they must've listed the measurements for that shirt?
Not a fan of these thom browne looking watch straps
Anyone know where I can find pictures of FW12? I remember seeing some, not official lookbook ones but from an online store. Would be much appreciated.
Has anything changed in the BD cut compared to about a year ago? Seems to fit a little larger and shorter. I also remember some talk about the collars being smaller now?
The current season's mac isn't released yet, right? Anyone know what's the ETA for that one to drop? By the way, funny how the navajo prints have grown on me, really disliked it at first but not so much anymore. Might try to get a polo or two.
New Posts  All Forums: